Three Roll Mill has found a new home at MXD Process


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(SAN DIEGO, CA, May 1st, 2021)¡ªAs of May 1st, 2021 Torrey Hills Technologies (THT) Three Roll Mill product line has been acquired by MXD Process (MXD). Both companies and leaders have a long history in the mixing equipment industry.

From winning the Golden Bridge award on the T65 three roll mill to being on San Diego¡¯s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Privately Owned Companies. This is an exciting move not only for THT but for the mixing industry. THT has always been about producing quality and affordable equipment for multiple industries and we couldn¡¯t be where we are now without all our customers.

While three roll mills have been a large part of Torrey Hills Technologies, this acquisition was strategic in ensuring the growth of three roll mills and helping them to reach a broader market. The machines will still be made with the same care and attentive detail but at their new home at MXD under the name Torrey Mills, who makes it their mission to improve every process they touch. We are eager to see how MXD grows the three roll mill.

¡°We are excited to be adding three roll mills to our offering of mixing technologies. They will integrate well into all that we are doing for high viscosity processing in multiple industries¡± - Mark Franco, CEO, MXD Process

What does this mean for you and our customers? MXD will become a new point of contact for all purchasing and will continue to uphold all warranties for machines already purchased through THT. We at Torrey Hills Technologies will still continue to support MXD through this transition. For all purchasing inquiries after May 1st, 2021 please contact Thank you for your continued support. MXD is looking forward to fostering a relationship with you and your process.

¡°From San Diego to Indiana ¡ª I am both excited and sad to see three roll mills leave and find their new home at MXD (It¡¯s like having my child leave for college). I have worked alongside Mark for more years than I can count and I know that he will do a great job with our Three Roll Mills!¡± - Ken Kuang

Financials for this transaction have not been disclosed. For more information on this acquisition feel free to reach out to