Tungsten-Copper Heat Sinks

tungsten copper heat sinks

They are composites of tungsten and copper. By adjusting the content of tungsten, we can have its coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) designed to match those of materials such as ceramics (Al2O3, BeO), semiconductors (Si), and metals (Kovar), etc.

Our products are widely used in applications such as optoelectronics packages, Microwave Packages, C Packages, Laser Submounts, etc. Here is what our customers say about us!


  • High thermal conductivity
  • Excellent hermeticity
  • Excellent flatness, surface finish, and size control
  • Semi-finished or finished (Ni/Au plated) products available

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WCu heat sinks

Copper Tungsten is one of the most popular refractory metal based heat sink materials offered today. With the new off-the-shelf system, we are able to offer standard products with a short lead-time at extremely competitive rates.

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Physical and Mechanical Properties of WCu

Physical Properties
Cu/CuW/Cu 1:4:1
(wt% W Cu: balance)
~60% 90% 85% 80% 75%
Density at 20ˇăC
13.45 17.0 16.3 15.6 14.9
CTE at 20ˇăC
8.79 6.5 7.0 8.3 9.0
Thermal Conductivity
300 180 190 200 220
Specific Heat at 100ˇăC
- 160 174 195 -
Electrical Conductivity at 20ˇăC
(IACS %)
- 27 30 34 38
Young's Modulus at 20ˇăC
- 330 310 280 -
Vickers Hardness
(HV 10)
- 300 280 260 -