IMAPS Membership Testimonial

Are you a member of IMAPS? If not, please consider joining IMAPS.

"You will not be disappointed with your IMAPS membership, I personally guarantee it", says Ken Kuang, President of Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC.

Here is our company's testimonial about IMAPS Organizational Membership (See the original one at IMAPS website www.imaps. org/membership/testimonial.htm).

A Member's Testimonial...

February 16, 2005

Ken Kuang, President
Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC

"It was an easy decision to join IMAPS as an Organizational Member. The ROI on the Organizational Membership so far proved it was a bargain.Ħħ

We would like to challenge all of you to join the IMAPS Recruiters Club. IMAPS is an excellent society and has provided tremendous benefits to thousands of members.

I joined IMAPS in 1997 and have enjoyed the networking and professional development opportunities IMAPS offered ever since. Our company, Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC, designs and manufactures precision machined metal parts, heat sinks, plating racks and accessories in China. Most of our
customers, suppliers and associates are IMAPS members. It was an easy decision to join IMAPS as a Organizational Member. The ROI on the Organizational Membership so far proved it was a bargain.

Recruiting new members is easy and fun! Please consider these tips for success:

A. Set up a goal. My personal goal is to recruit 10 new members this year.

B. Ask someone to join today! Many potential members haven't joined simply because they haven't yet been asked. Sometimes a friendly offer is all it takes.

C. Give first-hand accounts of your membership experience enthusiastically. Tell people how your IMAPS membership has helped you solve technical problems. Tell people how IMAPS resources have helped
you identify the critical supplier. Tell people how IMAPS has helped your career development. If you own a business, tell people how the IMAPS network has helped you generate new sales leads, close your sales and grow your business. A personal testimony is the most powerful recruiting tool.

D. Ask the right people to join. Talk to your coworkers, business partners, interns, suppliers, customers, sales reps, job seekers, students and more. They are great candidates for IMAPS membership.

Do you have any exciting ideas for recruiting new members? We would love to hear from you. Please give me a call at (858) 558-6666 or e-mail me at