Torrey Hills Technologies Launches Low Cost Chip Antenna Products


Geoffery Gao
(626) 810-3738

San Diego, CA, May 31, 2005 - Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC. today announces the availability of low cost compact chip antennae to the US customers.

With increasing demands for commercial short range data transmissions such as Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and RFID, many designers are looking for compact low cost antennae. Our patented LTCC antenna design reduces the length of antenna to be less than 1/11¦Ë and achieves more than 150MHz bandwidth at 2.45GHz, or more than 6% of bandwidth. These chip antennae are being used widely in China for many consumer electronics, including cell phones.

David Zhang, President of G Tech System Group, observed, "We continue to expand our presence in the co-fired ceramic products. The launch of LTCC chip antenna in the US strengthens our presence in the component business and is consistent with G Tech¡¯s track record of aligning our footprint with the needs of our global customer base."

¡°Taking advantage of our low cost manufacturing base in China, we are very pleased to add CiMS Series of Chip Antenna into our portfolio of products and services¡±, added Ken, Kuang, President of Torrey Hills Technologies, ¡°With the launch of LTCC chip antenna products, it further complement our current offering of multilayer ceramic components and manufacturing equipment.¡°

About Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC.

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC, a company of G Tech Systems Group Inc., is based in San Diego, CA. We manufacture and market high quality low cost microelectronics packaging raw materials, components and manufacturing equipment. Our mission is to help US based companies lower manufacturing cost and improve profitability by outsourcing to China. Our latest equipment offering for the US market include plating racks, belt furnaces, laminators and three roll mills. For more information, please click here.

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