Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Introduces Tungsten and Molybdenum Products


Ken Kuang
(858) 558-6666

(SAN DIEGO, CA, May 5, 2008) -- Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC, today announced the addition of tungsten and molybdenum products to its present products categories: industrial furnaces, three roll mills, and microelectronics packaging components. Tungsten and molybdenum products are widely used in applications such as aviation, aerospace, nuclear high-temperature furnace, glass, ceramic, crystal production, medical, illumination and vacuum sputtering.

The new tungsten and molybdenum product series includes pure tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium in sheet, plate, rod, and stripe form, and their heavy metal alloys, like copper tungsten, copper molybdenum. In addition, these products are manufactured and stocked in a wide range of sizes. Sheets and plates are supplied from 0.012 inch to 0.04 inch in thickness; rods are supplied from 0.1875 inch to 1.25 inch in diameter. Custom machining of these metals and their alloys is also available upon request.

Tungsten and molybdenum products are supplied by our factory located at the bulk of the world¡¯s tungsten and molybdenum source. Highly qualified engineers ensure we supply only the best products to our customers¡¯ demanding requirements. Standardized manufacturing and operating processes make the price of these tungsten and molybdenum products unbeatable.

¡°I am very proud of the tungsten and molybdenum products we have brought to market,¡± said President Ken Kuang. ¡°With such high quality and competitive price, I am confident that we will be able to increase our market share significantly in the near future.¡±

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