Component Surfaces Inc., Computer Integrated Machining Inc. and Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Form Strategic Alliance to Step into Military Heat Sink Market


Ken Kuang
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( SAN DIEGO, CA, August 27, 2009) -- Component Surfaces Inc., Computer Integrated Machining Inc. and Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC announced today they have forged a strategic alliance to become an ITAR (International Trafficking in Arms Regulations) compliant supplier to the military heat sink market. The alliance vertically integrates the manufacturing capabilities of the three companies and seeks to generate increasing economies of scale, even though all participating parties are small businesses based in San Diego, CA.

¡°This alliance brings together excellent materials, fabrication and finishing capabilities to address the ITAR market requirements for thermal management components.¡± said David Shields, President of Component Surfaces, Inc. ¡°The customers for these products will be pleased to see the improvements we bring in quality, price and delivery time compared to what has been previously available.¡±

Under the agreement, Component Surfaces Inc. will lead the initiative and act as the general contractor. Materials such as copper tungsten blanks will be supplied by Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC to Computer Integrated Machining Inc. for precision machining. It is then Component Surfaces Inc.¡¯s responsibility to finish off the production with electroless gold plating and related processing services.

Michael J. Brown, President of Computer Integrated Machining, Inc. said, ¡°My Company has worked with many difficult materials and specialized alloys used in aerospace work for 14 years. We have extensive experience in meeting Military Specs and DPS, a fact that also holds true for my partners in this alliance. There is no doubt we can reach even the most stringent military environmental and performance standards.¡±

In addition to the pledge of quality, this alliance has also worked out terms to lower the cost of production. ¡°We have agreed upon financial and operational mechanisms to keep off the unnecessary expenditures,¡± said Ken Kuang, President of Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC. ¡°It is our pleasure to introduce some healthy competition to the military heat sink market.¡±

About Component Surfaces, Inc

Component Surfaces, Inc. ( in Poway, California is the recognized leader in providing electroless gold plating and related processing services. They partner with companies in a variety of industries to increase product performance, product reliability and manufacturing efficiencies. This is a full-service plating company who can work with customers from the initial development of processing requirements to prototype fabrication to efficient production manufacturing including inspection, testing and certification.

About Computer Integrated Machining, Inc.

Computer Integrated Machining, Inc. ( is a machine shop that believes in providing its customers with excellent customer service. Their mission is to exceed customer expectations by providing rapid turnaround, engineering assistance, thorough inspections, and competitive bidding -- to create the high quality precision manufactured products essential to their customers' business.

About Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC ( is a leader in developing advanced yet affordable equipment and supplies for electronics industries. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has expanded its business from microelectronics packaging components to large-scale furnace equipment for both electronics and alternative energy industries. Its mission is to help a fast-growing number of customers achieve higher profitability by the provision of innovative products and services.