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99.95% Purity Tungsten Sheets

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We stock 6"x6" tungsten sheets 0.012", 0.02" and 0.04" in thickness. The surface of the tungsten sheets is regular unpolished. Checkout is handled by Amazon. Customers can pay through or directly with a credit card (link is on the left side of the check-out page).

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We try our best to keep every product in stock. However, some items may require a lead time of 1 month due to unexpected variation in demand.

Product Description
Thickness Tolerance mm/inch
Tungsten Sheet / Plate 6"x6"x0.012" Unpolished 0.03/0.0012

Tungsten Sheet / Plate 6"x6"x0.02" Unpolished 0.05/0.0020

Tungsten Sheet / Plate 6"x6"x0.04" Unpolished 0.08/0.0031

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