The Tung & Molly Love Affair

by Ruth Rozul


Tung Copper and Molly Denise are born in the same village. Tung's family is rich while Molly's is poor. They play as children but their lives take on different directions and they separate when they are still very young. They do not know each other until the day that Tung bumps into Molly on his rush to catch the train. Sparks fly and instant chemistry develops. It is evident that these two love birds should be together because their union will create something strong and enduring. Parental disapproval is an obstacle to their happiness because of the rich-poor disparity. Critics claim that Tung and Molly have different aims and experiences in life. Their character traits and temperaments are also very distinctive. No one, however, can counter the fact that they are happier together, and that their union has a silver lining to it. Tung and Molly prove to the world the chemistry and fortitude of their true love and bond, and their families finally accept their tenacious and thriving alliance. They marry and become Mr. and Mrs. Tung Copper.

The Story

"But I already told you, Tung. Things like this cannot be done. They don't happen in real life. In fairy tale books, maybe, but I seriously doubt that it will happen to us. Not in this family!" Mr. Tung Copper, Senior, was almost shouting.

Tung's voice was low but firm. "But I love her, Dad. Didn¡¯t you and Mom have an arranged marriage? You did not actually love each other on the day you wed..."

"But we finally fell in love, Son. We realized that it was for the best.¡±

¡°That¡¯s exactly my point, Dad. Love is the point.¡±

¡°But Molly... You know her family. We're not actually in the same league with them. You know what I mean, Son. Her dad is just a¡­.ah¡­. Well, what will people say?"

¡°Why can¡¯t you say it, Dad? Her dad¡¯s a plumber? There¡¯s nothing wrong with that. He¡¯s making an honest living, that¡¯s all. He tries his best. With Molly, well, Molly¡¯s a different girl. She¡¯s transitioned herself into something wonderful. I can¡¯t quite put my finger on it but her qualities are very different from the other girls I¡¯ve known. She has inner strength and she¡¯s extraordinarily versatile! She can apply herself to many varied challenges and she always comes up the winner! She¡¯s challenging and exciting and is always fun to be around. There¡¯s no dull moment with her! I can¡¯t think of living my life without her.¡±

Mr. Tung Copper, Senior, was quiet.

¡°I've made up my mind, Dad. We're both of age. I'm going to marry Molly with or without your blessing. " With this, Tung turned around and left the room.

Mr. Tung Copper, Senior, simply shook his head in silence.

"Well? What did he say?" Molly whispered.

¡°As expected, he didn't approve (sighs). But I informed him that we'll go ahead with the marriage even without my family's approval."

Molly gave a little nervous laugh. "Mr. Tung Copper, Junior, you always get what you want, don't you?"

"We should be together because our union will create something strong and lasting. I know it in my bones. Just wait and see."

Molly sighed and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I may not know many things but there's one thing I do know. I'm happy with you. You're happy with me.¡± She took his left hand and held it between her palms. ¡°We may have different aims and experiences in life. We want different things, yes, but when we're together, sparks fly! (laughs). I am my true self and you are yours. There¡¯s no pretending like we¡¯re other people. We've definitely good chemistry going on!¡±

She continued. ¡°You¡¯re one of a kind, Tung, and you¡¯re innately very strong. You have an air of a mystery about you. You¡¯re tough, and people say that nothing can affect you but I know that only my pure love for you can melt that strong fa?ade of yours. You can be very soft, too, you know, although you don¡¯t admit it. You are opposites within yourself! (laughs) That¡¯s why I love you so! That¡¯s why I can¡¯t bear to lose you!¡±

Tung gave Molly a wink. "You and I have definitely different character traits and temperaments, but when we're together... There's always a silver lining when we're together."

¡°How about proving to the world that you and I are definitely for keeps?¡± asked Molly. ¡°Show all of them the fortitude of our true love and bond. Your family will eventually accept that our love is far stronger than what they think we have.¡±

Tung took her in his arms and kissed her.

Ten years passed.

Tung Copper, Junior, is onstage. Standing beside him are his wife Molly Copper and their two children, Silver and Nicky Copper.

¡°Congratulations, Tung!¡± exclaims Mr. Ken Kuang, shaking Tung¡¯s hand vigorously. ¡°As President of Torrey Hills Technologies, I¡¯m honored to give you this award. THT has never had anyone as brilliant, as tough, and as dedicated as you are! Sure, I know everyone helped us get these awards, but ever since I made you the Top Guy, we¡¯ve been honored in San Diego¡¯s top 100 for the fourth time! A finalist in the 2012 World Technology Network Award, Gold Prize winner at the 2013 Golden Bridge Awards for the T65 Three Roll Mill, and we¡¯re the game-changer for the Federal Tibbetts! This is truly quite mind-boggling, if you ask me!¡±

¡°Sir, thank you,¡± Tung happily acknowledges what Mr. Kuang says. ¡°You yourself, Sir, had been the President¡¯s Awardee twice! And THT has been named to Inc. 5000 for five consecutive years! I wouldn¡¯t have made it without your implicit trust in me and Molly by my side.¡±

¡°All thanks to all the THT admin and personnel, led by you! Allow me to give you this plaque and your gift. Ladies and gentlemen, Tung and Molly Copper!¡± announces Mr. Ken Kuang. There is thundering applause!

Tung firmly holds Molly¡¯s hand as he receives his award.