Ceramic RF, Microwave and Power Packages

ceramic packages

THT Packages have excellent thermal performance and microwave performance, suitable for silicon power transistor, LDMOS devices, GaAs, SiC and GaN power devices packaging. We currently have more than 40 types of ceramic RF, microwave, and power packages with a maximum pulsed output power of up to 500W.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide application in microwave devices and modules
  • Mainly consisting of high thermal conductivity materials Al2O3, BeO ceramic, WCu, and MoCu.
  • Excellent thermal and microwave performance.
  • Wide input and output
  • Excellent impedance matching
  • Low insertion loss
  • Power up to 500W
  • Frequency up to 30GHz

Retail Ready Packages (More to Come!)

ceramic packages
ceramic packages

Specifications of Additional Types of Packages