White Papers

Development of Advanced Thermal Management Materials


To begin, we will present the development of advanced thermal management materials. We will introduce one popular classification of thermal management materials. Next, we will present thermal management materials with an Al¨CCu matrix and particle-enhanced materials such as W, Mo, SiC, AlN, BeO, Si, and others with a low coefficient of expansion. The materials covered include W-Cu, Mo-Cu, AlSiC, Cu/SiC, Cu/Si, and negative thermal expansion materials. In the following section, we will introduce fiber-reinforced thermal management materials such as boron fibers, carbon fibers, Al 2 O 3 fibers, and SiC fibers. The development of a Cu¨CC f composite and aluminum graphite materials is presented. Finally, copper/molybdenum/copper (CMC), copper/molybdenum¨Ccopper/copper (CPC), and Cu/Invar/Cu (CIC) materials are introduced.

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