Customer Feedback

copper tungsten customer feedback

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"The Momentive Engineered Coating Technologies group has worked with Torrey Hills Technologies on numerous projects since 2010. Torrey Hills Technologies manufactures and provides us custom metal parts for our various applications. The company offers high quality, great service and competitive rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work. If you are seeking excellent electronic packaging materials with advanced material manufacture technologies, Torrey Hills Technologies can be your best business partner. I recommend Torrey Hills Technologies and look forward to working with them in our future business."

- Wei Fan; Lead Materials Scientist, Momentive Engineered Coating Technologies

"This is to testify that our relationship with Torrey Hills Technology can be characterized as friendly, professional and profitable. The products provided to Polyfet RF Devices consistently met our quality standards. Communication between our companies was open and professional and issues were dealt with on a timely manner. Their prices are so competitive that they helped us reduce manufacturing cost dramatically. Delivery is usually faster than comparable manufacturers and is always on time. We consider Torrey Hills Technology a highly recommended business partner."

-KS Tay; Quality Manager, Polyfet RF Devices

ˇ°We have been working as a nickel and gold plating processing partner with Torrey Hills Technologies for several years now. After having produced hundreds of thousands of CuW and CuMo components with them, we find them to be a reliable and trustworthy company to do business with. Their high quality materials perform well through the plating processing and delivers products we ship with confidence. We enjoy working with the people at Torrey Hills Technologies and look forward to building our businesses to continue satisfying the requirements of the high performance electronics market into the future.ˇ±

- David Sheilds; Component Surfaces, Inc

ˇ°My shim inspection is complete and they are headed to our package vendor. Just wanted to let you know that they looked absolutely great.ˇ±

- Elaine Hood, Senior Assembly Technician; Cobham Sensor Systems

ˇ°We are pleased to share our experience with Torrey Hills heat sink materials. Torrey Hills continues to provide excellent products and first class services we can rely on.ˇ±

-David Virissimo; SPM, A Coining Company

ˇ°Their products are impressive. We have been using several Torrey Hills CuW base plates for the last 4-5 years. They completely meet our quality standards and we would recommend their products to everyone!ˇ±

-Tierre Kerr; Multiplex, Inc