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Future Trend of Advanced Thermal Management Materials


The R&D work in advanced thermal management materials is active and ongoing. It is difficult to cover all related research results. Therefore, we have selected a few common materials used in microelectronics packaging to review future trends. While most material is typically of a homogeneous structure, Cu/Mo70Cu/Cu is not. This material (typically at 1:4:1 ratio) has a coefficient of thermal expansion in the X-direction of 7.2 ppm/ˇăC and 9.0 ppm/ˇăC. It was used successfully for long and this die attaches such as laterally diffused metal-oxide semiconductor. Within the realm of composite materials, carbon nanotubes and aluminum matrix composite materials (with graphite or SiC) have attracted a lot of interest due to their potential thermal properties. Lastly, the development of an injection moldable polymer is also reviewed.

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